The experts of the Association took an active part in the 15th session of the Crimean Discussion Club“COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges for the Occupied Crimea”, held on October 20 online by the CrimeanTatar Resource Center with the support of the Representative Office of the Friedrich NaumannFoundation for Freedom. The session discussed the challenges for Crimeans associated with thecurrent epidemic situation in Crimea, the impact of the militarization of the peninsula on the spread ofCOVID-19, and the usage of the epidemic by the Russian authorities for propaganda purposes.
Special attention was paid to the forced so-called “vaccination” of Crimeans by the occupationauthorities, as the new violation of international law, which undoubtedly prohibits biologicalexperiments on the population of the territory controlled during the conflict, by the aggressor State.The professionals, participating in the discussion, emphasized the deliberate inconsistency of theRussian “vaccine” against COVID-19 with the generally accepted mechanisms for the development andtesting of such drugs. The mentions in the press of the recent death of the “mayor” of Yalta, possiblyfrom the consequences of such “vaccination”, were also taken into account.
The participants in the discussion club called on the authorities of Ukraine, third countries andinternational organizations to respond to the situation when the occupation authorities of the RussianFederation in Crimea create new threats to the life and health of Crimeans in the context of anepidemic, in particular, by compulsory “vaccination”.

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