Criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov decided to “please the population” with the promise that “in Crimea in 2024 there will be a reset of the entire power system”.
However, everyone understands that after the expensively purchased “Kremlin indulgence” for Sergei Aksyonov, the “change of beds” so coveted by Konstantinov will become purely decorative – neither the current “head of Crimea” nor his numerous protégés will be removed from the “chessboard”.
Therefore, now in the grandiose “Konstantinov’s announcements” there appears a modest clause that “the renewal strategy has been agreed upon with the head of the republic, Sergei Aksyonov”.
Therefore, the promised “reset” will only affect the “younger brothers” who previously received “power positions” in the cities and regions of the peninsula from the amusing “opposition” in the form of “communists” and “LDPR”: it is their “quotas” that will be given “for development” Konstantinov’s team.
Naturally, Konstantinov’s sale of “seats” in the aforementioned traveling circus is a troublesome and nervous matter, and therefore until the fall we can expect an ongoing “storm in a teacup” regarding the “offices and mandates” coveted by collaborators.

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