As reported on social networks, at gas stations seized by the aggressor in Melitopol, collaborator Alexander Goik sells fuel imported from Crimea. In August, the occupiers criminally “recognized the gas stations through which the entrepreneur sells fuel as ownerless” and added them to the list of “subject to temporary administration”; We are talking about the seized gas stations of the “Okko” and “West Petrol Market chains. Goik is also on the list of people responsible for fraud involving the theft and export of grain from Ukraine

Previously, we wrote that the aggressor first “nationalized” at least part of the gas stations in the temporarily occupied Zaporizhzhya region and then transferred it to Crimean collaborator Sergei Beym, the beneficiary of the “TPP” network. After the fuel crisis in Crimea that we described, fuel in Melitopol also became more expensive and fuel disappeared, and after Sergei Aksyonov announced its “cheapening” on the occupied peninsula a week ago, interruptions in its supplies to the mainland intensified. It is obvious that the Crimean fuel schemers are now “between two fires” of the Crimean and Melitopol collaborators, traditionally “warring governments” between themselves.

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