On May, 8 ARC’s expert Borys Babin participated in the Post-Graduate Network Virtual Conference, held online by the British International Students Association (BISA). This conference was devoted to two important topics: “Domestic choices with global consequences: the ripple effects of the climate transition and elections on international relations” and “Armed conflicts and the shifting dynamics of international order”.
During this event, the analytical research, developed by some experts and published earlier by our Association, was presented by PhD researcher of the National Aviation University Oleksandra Dehtiarova. In her speech, Oleksandra stressed that young people play a crucial role in the process of building and keeping peace and international security as outlined in many international documents and national legislation, as well as in scientific and research works.
She mentioned that youth in the occupied areas including young individuals living in the occupied Crimea, should be taken into account, reached, and informed on possibilities to relocate and access the services, including education.
Among others, Dehtiarova stated that youth initiatives, including volunteering, educational, and innovative ones will contribute to the process of economic recovery and overcoming the consequences of armed conflict and occupation.
The raised issue initiated vivid discussion among the conference’s participants, and further cooperation with relevant British researchers will continue.

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