As we have already reported, experts from our Association took an active part in the activities of the international summit “Stand Tall for the Rule of International Law”, held in Lviv by the Ukrainian and American Associations of International Law.

Among other things, on December 8, Professor Borys Babin took an active part in the work of the panel dedicated to the economic reintegration of Ukraine, presenting to the participants the developments of the ARC on mechanisms for providing international technical assistance for the reintegration of de-occupied Crimea and regarding the role of international investment law in bringing the aggressor to justice.

Association expert Olexiy Plotnikov took an active part in panels devoted to sanctions policy and migration issues. The discussion participants paid special attention to the proposals voiced regarding the role of sanctions restrictions in countering the policies of Russia in international organizations, including the example of the IMO and the Danube Commission. Also, a heated debate was caused by the developments voiced by ARC’s experts regarding the need to create special demographic registers to record the population identified in the de-occupied territory.

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