As we wrote earlier, the 28th UN Climate Change Conference began in Dubai, and on last year, our Association’s experts took an active part in the previous, 27th Conference, where they exposed the negative impact of Russian aggression and attacks on ecosystems committed by the invaders, including the Black Sea and occupied Crimea, as well as on the global climate situation.

On December, 2 our Association’s expert Borys Babin moderated the side-event of UN Climate Change Conference “Renovable Energy Sources & Climate Impact: Ecocide, Green Reconstruction, Indigenous Perspectives on War-Stricken Ukraine”, held by Crimean Tatar Resource Center and “Ecoclub”, where such experts reported as Eskender Bariiev, Yevhen Khlobystov, Nataliia Kholodova and Liudmyla Korotkykh.

Professor Babin reminded in own statement perspectives of international responcibility for international crimes and other violations committed by Russian invaders against Ukrainian ecosystems, including Crimean ones. Relevant issues of International Criminal Court’s activities and prospects of universal jurisdiction were stressed and steps to international criminalisation of ecocide were described.

Expert pointed on conjucton for ecologic issues of the conventional right to life and modern human right to health, to food and to clean water. In framework of maritime environment, destoryed by Russian aggression, expert reminded on Association’s cooperation with IMO structures, Danube and Black Sea commissions and on relevsant challenges for next OSCE activites.

Professor Babin’s statement initiated a vivid discussion with Professor Neta Crawford, University of Oxford and Ellie Kinney, The Conflict and Environment Observatory, regarding the Ukraine’s national ciminal proceedings on “Ecocide” article. Before side-event the relevant concepts were discussed by professor Babin and ohter Association’s expert Anna Prikhodko on online event “Liability for destruction environment in Ukraine during the war: national and international tools” organised at December, 1 by Reneissance Foundation.

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