In framework of permanent cooperation with UN bodies, our Association sent submission to UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Development, professor Surya Deva for his reports on reinvigorating the right to development and on the role of business in realizing the right to development.

ARC’s submission, prepared by professor Borys Babin, Viktor Filatov, Anna Prykhodko and other Association’s experts and published on UN web-sources, described challenges for sustainable development on example of situation in Russia-occupied Crimea and of Russia’s destruction the Kakhovka HPP dam.

Submission stressed that uncontrolled explosion of some cubic kilometers of water will definitely change the navigational situation in Northern part of Black Sea adjacent to Dnipro-Bug Estuary, and destruction the Kakhovka HPP caused pollution of Northern part of Black Sea by hundred thousands of ton of floating rubbish, also the epidemic and mine danger became stronger there.

ARC experts noted in submission that aggressor’s undermining of the Kakhovka HPP became a separate crime of genocide, including the forced deportation of the population of the villages and cities adjacent to the Dnipro in the left-bank Kherson region, the destruction of their houses and the murder of those who tried to escape flooding.

Submission pointed that these areas are the original and traditional place of residence of ethnic Ukrainians, and that this obviously became a bone in the throat for the occupiers.

During the weeks after the occupants blew up the HPP, these allegations received a lot of evidence, this is the aggressor’s refusal to allow UN assistance to the victims of flooding to the occupied Left Bank of the Kherson region, and the blocking of the flooded areas by the aggressor’s troops and punishers.

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