On the eve of a number of UNESCO spring events and conferences on damage to cultural heritage from Russian aggression, the occupiers decided to “respond by the Razvozhaev”. The criminal Sevastopol “governor” “suddenly” announced for “Izvestia” that in “Chersonese Tauride” until 2014, excavations were allegedly carried out by “incomprehensible foreigners”, claiming that certain “interesting objects” had allegedly “gone missing”. However, Razvozhaev naturally could not provide any facts, despite the fact that almost all the archives and collections of Chersonesos were seized by the occupiers in 2014, and a number of museum workers became collaborators.

Interestingly, the occupiers do not even hide the fact that UNESCO is concerned about “excavations” in Chersonesos using heavy equipment, which could jeopardize the status of the settlement as a World Cultural Heritage Site, and that the historical monument is used by the occupiers for propaganda purposes and for entertainment events. Calling these fairly obvious things “fables from a seemingly respected organization,” the occupiers themselves, in the “media” they control, constantly demonstrate heavy equipment, propaganda shows, and illegal construction in Chersonesos.

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