On September 15, the aggressor-controlled “media” began to spread a story about the dismissal of the ballerina Prisca Zeisel from the Bavarian State Ballet after on July 27 she performed at the “gala concert of the ballet” dedicated to the “240th anniversary of Sevastopol” as part of the criminal propaganda “international festival of opera and ballet” “Chersonese”.

The aggressor’s propaganda is predictably silent that before her dismissal, the ballet administration insisted that Zeisel publicly condemn the international crimes of the Kremlin and in such a situation was ready to “consider the incident settled”, “hiding behind” the fact that ballerina spent time for her illegal “tour” on the occupied peninsula “during the holidays”.

However, even such a “compromise” was not included in the plans of Moscow sponsors, and therefore, on their instructions, she herself “demanded termination of the contract at the beginning of the season”. Let us recall that the “Sevastopol ballet” is a “special thing” for the Kremlin, since the project of an “opera and ballet theater” on Cape Khrustalny, illegally developed by the Austrian architectural bureau “Coop Himmelb(l)au”, was lobbied personally by Putin with the expectation that this “theater will be headed by choreographer Igor Zelensky, who has a child together with Ekaterina Tikhonova, the daughter of the Kremlin dictator.

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