Earlier, we repeatedly wrote about the scam with the “children’s rehabilitation center” in occupied Yevpatoria, under the guise of which the aggressor destroys part of the unique park, demolishes the buildings of the mud baths and the seized “Batkivshchina” sanatorium, for the “resort-recreational complex” of multi-storey residential buildings for the Russian colonizers “Moinaco Riviera”.

However, this scam by Crimean collaborators, including Sergei Aksyonov and Dmitry Polonsky, under the patronage of the criminal speaker of the Senate, the aggressor Valentina Matvienko, predictably showed a “double bottom”, since almost everything began to be demolished by the occupiers, but the construction of the “complex” clearly “does not cover” the new ruins.

The fake “investor” is predictably not going to build any “rehabilitation centers”, and therefore the propaganda of the occupiers in Yevpatoria is already forced to declare that “the soonest implementation of the project” is clearly not possible. Also, according to the fake “center” and the real illegal “Moinaco Riviera”, “as it suddenly turned out”, the occupiers had huge problems with illegal electricity, water supply and sewerage.

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