In the context of the logistical collapse and total isolation that is obvious to all Crimean residents, the only reason for which remains Russian aggression against Ukraine, Kremlin-controlled “talking heads” are trying to “feed” the population “at least some” criminal “achievements”.

For example, the subject of the long-suffering illegal railway communication with Belarus was raised again. Let us recall that the topic of the illegal “train from Minsk”, later “cut down” to a certain “rail car from Minsk”, was raised by the occupiers repeatedly and chronically unsuccessfully.

Now, conducting a provocative “video bridge with Minsk” of the aggressor’s puppets on March 31, the elderly spy Georgy Muradov and the fake “Crimean Belarusian” Roman Chegrinets again criminally promised such car. Now he is being announced as a kind of “ghost”, whichwill allegedly be connected to an illegal “summer train” from Smolensk to occupied Simferopol.

However, the “talking heads” themselves, creating this “information occasion”, nevertheless “get confused in the testimony” and make reservations regarding the “economic expediency” and whether there will be “those who want to go to Crimea” at all.

This show is especially tragicomic against the backdrop of the current transport collapse caused by snowfall in the Rostov region, after which the main route through which goods are illegally transported from the central regions of Russia to the occupied Crimea was blocked for almost a day, and illegal “Crimean trains” also stood idle for hours on south of Russia itself.

It is obvious that any launch of an illegal passenger car from Belarus to Russia-occupied Crimea will not affect real passenger traffic in any way, and at the same time it will inevitably lead to tougher sanctions against the dictatorial regime of Lukashenka, which, incidentally, the “heralds of aggression” from the occupied Simferopol are obviously the last to worry about.

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