The “Sevastopol” publication “ForPost” controlled by the aggressor’s special services distributed a lengthy “interview” with the Moscow “philosopher and political scientist” Boris Mezhuev, designed to explain the “increased” attention to the issue of the de-occupation of Crimea in the American press.

In this regard, the “philosopher” close to the Kremlin’s “decision-making centers” turned out to be “quite original” and explained Western publications about the Crimea as being addressed to “an audience in the United States” in order to allegedly “build the image of an external enemy,” but not an abstract one, “but to build some kind of political consensus against Russia and Iran.”

At the same time, Mezhuev makes an “important discovery” that this approach is not just allegedly “addressed to an internal audience of the United States”, but specifically to “supporters of the Republican Party” who have “close ties to Israel” and represent “an important Israeli lobby in the United States.”

Of course, explaining any problems with the Crimea to the “Israeli lobby” is not the first time for the Kremlin regime of the “Russian world” imbued with ideas of anti-Semitism. However, no “Israeli lobby” in principle can explain how Iranian drones and instructors for them ended up in the Crimea.

For example, back in September, we wrote that in the well-known Novofedorovka, the aggressor placed several Iranian Mohajer-6 attack and reconnaissance drones at the air base.

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