In clear anticipation of “new heights” after the fake “March re-election of Putin,” the criminal “Crimean speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov decided not only to demonstrate “knowledge in epidemiology,” but also to make an “important political manifesto”. Although in fact the fake developer’s swindler’s knowledge of infections is mainly related to his memories of private communication with the “best venereologists” of the peninsula, he decided to “ironize” the international structures dealing with the problem of “disease X.” “Now they have invented a new horror story for the world – a certain “disease X”.

Have they already squandered the money collected from frightened humanity to fight Covid? Have they come for a new portion? For us, the key question is: will we fall for this scam? After all, we continue live in their coordinate system. We are trying our best to maintain these settings. Although, it would seem, it’s high time to switch to our own,” said the criminal Konstantinov.

Naturally, dropouts of various stripes who received “university degrees” in various ways are unaware that, of course, now there is no identified “disease X”, much less its epidemic, and that international organizations and the scientific community around the world are simply methodically working out a universal protocol for responding to a case of a new highly contagious viral infection with increased mortality, and “disease X” is simply a corresponding bureaucratic formula.

However, Konstantinov is worried not so much about virtual viruses as about his “radiant rise,” and therefore, after his ranting about “settings,” he decided to “reveal the truth” and declare that in 2014, after Yanukovych fled from Kyiv, it was Konstantinov personally who allegedly he was the first to criminally “say a phrase” that supposedly “was already on everyone’s mind, but for various reasons was not voiced: we will go to Russia”.

“And from that moment this phrase became the basis of the Crimean spring,” Konstantinov writes criminally, clearly hoping that at this point either a tear of emotion will flow from the “reluctant” reader, or his smartphone will stream myrrh. However, having so unceremoniously publicly “pushed” not only his Simferopol “colleagues”, but also the “supreme Siberian Crane” in the authorship of the “Crimean spring”, Konstantinov clearly forgot that, in addition to the viruses of betrayal and unscrupulousness, the most deadly thing for any “authoritative politician” is a virus of stupidity, and the corresponding “laboratory experiment” for the “Crimean speaker” is just around the corner.

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