Blood Shareholders: Thomas Bach and the IOC are building the Olympic Movement “on bones” and “dirty money”

↪️The Public Council at the Ukrainian Ministry of Youth and Sports called on sports federations, athletes, representatives of the sports movement and the public to join with the international community in working to keep Russian and Belarussian representatives out of international sports competitions while the war is on.

↪️The IOC continues to drag Russians and Belarusians into big sports.
Thomas Bach cynically declared that supposedly no international tournaments should be held on the territory of russia and Belarus, but promotes the national symbols of the aggressor, cultivating hostility, hatred and propaganda on international platforms.

This has nothing to do with the “dove of peace” projection that Thomas promotes.

↪️The president of the IOC persists against the civilized world. The conclusion is simple – corruption and Thomas’s personal interest in Russian money. Rumor has it that Putin included the ex-Fechtovaler in the shareholders of Gazprom.

↪️Germany’s Interior Minister said the IOC decision is a slap in the face to Ukrainian athletes and the dead, and Thomas Bach’s initiatives are questionable. But perhaps it is a slap in the face to the Germans themselves.

Recall that in Germany itself Siemens has recently been caught in a scandal again. Another investigation is underway about the company’s espionage in favor of Russia.

Earlier, after Thomas Bach supported the initiatives of the criminal “State Duma” on the FIE “Rapier St. Petersburg” the German public began to wonder about the interest in corruption between the Kremlin and the IOC.

️↪️ A coalition of countries opposing the aggressor’s participation in international sporting events is forming in the Olympic movement. Brussels has promised to support the initiative and not to allow discrediting the international system of institutions.

️↪️The Agenda of the head of the IOC is obstructing all verdicts of the international justice system on the aggressor, and this is exactly what the instigators of the conflict, Russia and Belarus, who pursue methods of terror, blackmail and dismantling of the architecture of the entire UN system and security in general, are trying to achieve.

️↪️Thomas Bach’s behavior and decisions have led to a downgrading of the image of the international justice system. The Kremlin has long sought to tarnish verdicts pronounced by international institutions and courts.

After all, in this way it is easy to maintain the illusion of an allegedly “corrupted West” with its allegedly double standards and the presence of “fictitious values,” supporting the imperialist motivation within the Russian audience market.

↪️Olympic sport is a business, and international big business is always influence. When Thomas Bach says “sport is beyond politics,” he is lying not only to himself, but also to others. And judging by the decisions made by the IOC head: firstly, it’s personal business for him, and secondly, he understands that money is above Western values and human rights.

️↪️In Paris there is a “Special Commission” on foreign interference, lobbyism studies, influence on the political establishment figures, structures and organizations.

Legislative possibilities are also present in Brussels and will be studied to counter the aggressor’s interventions and the aggressor’s destructive essays.

In the arena of international structures, such certainly include the IOC and Thomas Bach himself.

Bild called Thomas Bach a “Putin’s poodle” and Die Zeit writes about “the official’s hand in the Russians’ pocket”, corruption scandals, and Bach’s Russophilia. The official has been the head of the IOC for ten years. No one doubted that Bach would defend the interests of the Kremlin to the last.

↪️The military actions in Ukraine have not changed Bach. He cheerfully and without evidence claims that “commissions of athletes” from Asia and Africa are willing to allow athletes with Russian and Belarusian passports to perform “under their flags and anthems. This is exactly what the aggressor wants.

The efforts of Ukraine’s partners and friends, including Poland and the Baltic states, indicate that there is an understanding among some that the Kremlin’s victory through corruption is an indelible imprint on the entire system of the European family and values.

But that may not be enough; mass consolidation and solidarity are needed.

️↪️The U.S., Britain, France and Germany must prove that the values of freedom, democracy and law are above the corruption of individual bureaucrats and their lobbyism. This is a test of another system, in this case a sports system.

In the past, both sanctions and international justice lent themselves to Kremlin propaganda, and aggression and destruction were promoted as possible “tools for solving” conflicts and suppressing other states. It was the same in its time with the 2014 occupation of Crimea.

By influencing individual countries and leaders such as Jacques Chirac, Schroeder, Berlusconi, Le Pen, Melanchon, and other “figures” in the cohort of Kremlin friends, Moscow’s intelligence services support anti-European movements, creating chaos within elites and international structures. The methods are always the same: money and lobbyism.

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