At a time when the whole world honored the victims of the war in Ukraine and expressed support for our state, on February 24, traitors in the temporarily occupied Crimea “celebrated” one year since the beginning of the criminal so-called “special military operation”, that is, Russian aggression.

Within the framework of their own “parallel realities”, the Crimean collaborators on this day made statements full of hatred and conducted ridiculous “actions” to “support” the army of war criminals.

Of course, this “parade of absurdity” was created for the cameras of Russian propagandists, who, in the manner usual for the Kremlin, tried to “justify” the death of hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers. At the same time, on this day, events took place that quite clearly showed the attitude of ordinary Crimean residents to the war against Ukraine.

These events were not shown on aggressor’s television, but the Crimean collaborators received a clear message from the population about the condemnation of the war unleashed by the Kremlin.

So the issues, how did this day pass on the occupied peninsula, and what statements of the occupiers made it memorable, and how the occupiers “ended” their criminal “celebrations” in March 2023, were investigated by the experts of the Association of Reintegration of Crimea.

It should be noted that the leitmotif of the “anniversary” of large-scale Russian aggression was the previous “celebration” by Crimean collaborators of the “day of the defender of the fatherland” on February 23. On this day, all the aggressor-controlled “television channels” of the occupied peninsula broadcast statements about the alleged “strength and invincibility” of the Russian army. However, the next day, on the anniversary of the start of the war against Ukraine, the invaders’ rhetoric changed.

Open bravado turned into pitiful threats and a clear statement of the fear of de-occupation. The “chief” collaborator of the Crimea, Serhiy Aksyonov, especially “noted” himself, who in his “appeal” stated criminally that the “unblocking of the North Crimean Canal” and the “removal of the armed conflict’s frontiers towards the Kherson region” were alleged “important results” of the large-scale invasion of mainland Ukraine, which allegedly “made it possible to protect the peninsula from missile attacks”.

He also cynically “thanked” the Crimean residens who are criminally taking part in the war against Ukraine. In these words of Serhiy Aksyonov, the fear for his life, both physical and “political”, can be quite clearly traced.

The fact is that the main collaborator emphasizes those things that were not positioned by the Kremlin as “priorities” at all. That is, the security of the occupied peninsula or its provision of water was not considered the goal of a military invasion of Ukraine, but was only a fake “pretext” for it. After all, the Kremlin leadership has much more “ambitious” criminal goals, in particular the destruction of the statehood of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

So, subconsciously, traitors have outlined their own criminal “sphere of interests”, for the sake of which they are ready to illegally “mobilize” and forcibly send Crimean residents to their death, who very often do not want to fight against their state, Ukraine, and even more so die for the Kremlin’s criminal goals.

The issue of providing the occupied peninsula with water is probably quite painful for Serhiy Aksyonov, because on the “anniversary” of the broad-scale war against Ukraine, he repeatedly focused on it. In particular, there was a phrase about “taken security measures” in relation to attempts to de-occupy the peninsula. He also completely lied about “creating diversion channels, strengthening the protection of hydrotechnical nodes”, etc.

Such statements also indicate a lack of confidence in personal safety and protection on behalf of the Kremlin, which after the deoccupation may renounce its collaborators. Understanding this, Serhiy Aksyonov and the company are already trying to find “backup options” for themselves.

Thus, on the eve of the “anniversary” of the broad-scale war against Ukraine, Serhiy Aksyonov “officially” sided with the leader of the terrorist “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin in his “media conflict” with the aggressors’ ministry of defense [1]. It should be noted that the criminal “head of Chechnya” Ramzan Kadyrov expressed a similar position. Therefore, in the situation of deoccupation, the Crimean collaborators hope to hide in Chechnya and count on some help from the hired assassins of Yevhen Prigozhin.

At the behest of “senior” collaborators, “criticism” of the aggressor’s ministry of defense was also started by traitors at a lower level. In particular, Vyacheslav Takmakov, the criminal “chief of staff of the Tavrida cossack assault battalion”, said that in the future, “it is necessary to rewrite the statute”, and to “reform” the ministry itself.

In turn, the criminal “head of the Crimean union of combat veterans” Volodymyr Smirnov said that Prigozhin and Aksyonov are “two people he admires”. It looks like an information campaign, which is most likely sanctioned by Putin. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain the behavior of the “main” collaborator of the Crimea, who in the last eight years has not taken a single step without the permission of the Kremlin.

At the same time, Serhii Aksyonov did not forget to “praise himself” once more, saying that it was he who criminally initiated the construction of “fortification structures” on the peninsula. The so-called “speaker of Crimea” Volodymyr Kostiantynov decided to keep up with his “sworn friend”, who on the “anniversary” of the broad-scale aggression against Ukraine announced the “intensification” in the next year of the criminal “nationalization” of “Ukrainian property” on the peninsula, funds from the illegal “sale” of which would apparently be directed to support the military aggressor.

It is worth noting that the rhetoric of the Crimean collaborators changed radically during the year of the large-scale war: from criminal statements about the “destruction of Ukraine in three days” changed to calls to the aggressor’s army to “ensure the security” of the occupied peninsula.

Of course, the rhetoric of threats has not completely disappeared, but it has acquired a different character. It used to be about the criminal alleged “language of the undisputed winners”, but today it resembles the “language of the potential dead”. That is, with each victory of the Ukrainian military, there is an awareness that the fate of the collaborators has never been and cannot be enviable.

Serhiy Aksyonov’s criminal statement about the alleged “necessity” of continuing the destruction of Ukraine’s infrastructure should be perceived in this way. He made this statement after, on the eve of the anniversary of the beginning of the war against Ukraine, the aggressor-controlled “Crimean radio stations” broadcast the speech of a Ukrainian-speaking speaker and the National Anthem of Ukraine, in particular in Alushta, Biloghirsk, Sudak, and Dzhankoy [2].

Regarding the criminal statements of the Crimean collaborators on the alleged “necessity” of attacks on the transport infrastructure, it can be seen that they are dominated by fear.

On the anniversary of the beginning of the large-scale aggression, there were also criminal statements about the alleged “need to support” the occupying forces by the Crimean residents. These criminal statements clearly hinted at the “insufficient level” of funding and support for the aggressor’s army, as a result of which they seek to turn the occupied Crimea into its “rear bridgehead”.

The fact that a fairly significant number of “anniversary statements” by Crimean collaborators were related to “security issues” indicates two things.

First, Crimean residents obviously do not trust collaborators and worry about their own safety. At the same time, the latter understand that such unrest is toxic enough for them, and they try to “pacify the population” in every possible way.

Secondly, the criminal “authority” is fully aware of the realism of de-occupation scenarios and has begun to actively declare the “defense” of the occupied peninsula.

On the date of beginning the broad-scale aggression against Ukraine, ordinary Crimean residents distinguished themselves not so much with statements, but with specific actions that show their aspirations and expectations for the next year [3]. For example, on the eve of the anniversary of the beginning of the great war near the occupied Simferopol, near the Postova station, unknown persons blew up part of the railway tracks.

We are talking about the site, which is located 12 kilometers from the Simferopol station. This led to the delay of trains and for a certain time paralyzed the logistics of the Russian occupiers [4].

The reaction of the Crimean collaborators in this case was somewhat different. They immediately recognized the fact of damage to the railway tracks and called it as alleged “terrorist act”. In essence, these are double standards, because the Crimean collaborators recognize only those facts that allow them to increase repression against the Crimean Tatar people.

On the contrary, they try to hide the pro-Ukrainian sentiments of the Crimeans from society, and if this fails, they criminally call them as alleged “information terrorism”, in particular regarding the above-described facts of attacks on Crimean “radio stations” on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion.

The actions of the Crimean collaborators on the anniversary of the beginning of the large-scale war against Ukraine differ significantly from their statements. If the statements still contain a criminal “mantra” that the de-occupation allegedly “will not happen”, then the actions are parallel opposites [5]; [6]. At the same time, the Crimean collaborators increase the isolation of the local population [7] and seek to “hide” with it [8].

It is also worth noting that since February 2023, the Russian occupiers have intensified the hidden criminal “mobilization” of the Crimean Tatars. This may be a clear response to the surge of the pro-Ukrainian movement and a demonstration of the powerlessness of the Crimean collaborators.
Thus, on the one year of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the illegal “authority” of the Crimea distinguished itself by criminal calls for the escalation of the conflict and further genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Such criminal rhetoric was accompanied by an active “information campaign” with collaborators promoting illegal support for the actions of the aggressor’s army, which was condemned by ordinary Crimean residents.

The latter clearly demonstrated their negative attitude towards the Russian occupiers, as it was evidenced by the intensification of the protest movement. The surge of aggression in the speeches and actions of the Crimean collaborators is directly related to the fear of de-occupation.


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